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1. What are the charges to register as a manufacturer on your marketplaces?
There is no fee to register as a manufacturer on our APP for first 3 months, later will be a nominal subscription fee.
2. Is OFR APPLICATION suitable if I am a manufacturer?
Manufacturers are who we serve best. Features like secure payment gateway, price lists or our private ecommerce portal, and sales ordering app form a perfect suite for all manufacturers. We know that when it comes to trading prices however, we make it easy for you to allot specific prices and discounts to different retailers.
3. How does OFR APPLICATION help showcase our products to customers?
OFR APPLICATION is a complete ecommerce platform that lets you list and displays your products online. Once you register with us, we will help you build a complete product profile by integrating all information that customers want to see.
4. Is OFR APPLICATION suitable if I am a retailer?
If you are a retailer, we help you display various products to customers through our online marketplace. On top of that, our eCommerce portal lets your customers to login, view prices and offers, and then buy products directly from their assigned locations. For further queries, you can get in contact with our representatives.
5. Does OFR APPLICATION allow me to assign price lists, discounts, offers, and payment terms?
Yes, we do all that. No matter whether you are a manufacturer or retailer, we showcase all your products along with assigned price lists, discounts and offers in front of your potential customers. You can also set precise price levels for customers buying products in bulk quantities.
6. Is my personal information kept private?
All personal information or data that you share with us is kept private and confidential. We will not share, rent or sell your information without your approval, except to fulfill an order contract with you or if it is required by law.
7. Does OFR APPLICATION provide technical support?
Yes, we want to help you succeed and grow your business, so we offer technical support, advice and videos for business improvement, to all our on-trial and paid users.
8. How user friendly is OFR APPLICATION?
To use OFR APPLICATION, you don't need to be a tech savvy. Our system is very intuitive, user friendly and does not require technical training. Our simple, easy to use portal lets you to handle all your business operations on the go.
9. I don’t have any direct contract with service providers; how can you help me?
OFR APPLICATION has and continues to maintain strong relationship with all service providers including plumbers, electricians, carpenter, handymen, and many others.
10. Do you provide a secure payment gateway for manufacturers?
Yes, we provide a secure, quick, diverse and most reliable payment gateway for all manufacturers who partner with us.

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